Founded in 1990, Acubens S.L. is the most experienced yacht design office working in Spain. Since its foundation, the company has designed all kind of projects from one design sail boats and patrol boats to tall ships and megayachts and also special projects in the field of naval engeneering. Acubens has worked with some of the principal spanish shipyards and also with german, italian and dutch constructors and shipyards.


Iñigo Echenique

Born in Vigo in 1957. Naval engeneering degree of Universidad Politécnia de Madrid and MBA of Instituto Empresa. He starts designing yachts in 1982 in the Echenique-Angoso office designing the firts amateur construction steel sail boats. He leaded as a director of designer and investigation the Spanish proyect in the Americas Cup (1992).  The spanish IACC was close to cross the semifinals after it defeat the Australian team and the Swedish team. This ship was conceived and implement a high hydrodinamic loads and built base  rudder. Nowadays this configuration is being used in some of the high competition sailings.  From 1992 to 1995 he was Technical Manager and Chief of designer at Mefasa Shipyard, first national Shipyard in yachts building. He has a extensive experience in design, investigation, construction and project management. The variety of his proyects cover from the World champion in 1993 and 1994 ¾ ton to passenger ships sailing, first projected motor megayachts in Spain to popular boats. In the field of the investigation, he developed hydrodynamic profiles for rudders and stabilizers based in the fins of dolphins. Also, he patented the integrated stabilising system SIS and wave generation system(1992). Currently Iñigo Echenique runs Acubens company. He manages the design and the engineering of this company and also the  construction management of the proyects. He sail since his childhood and he is a recreational diver.


Daniel Hernández

Born in Madrid in 1988. Daniel got a Naval engineering degree of  Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena. He started to work as a steel structural engineer in Madrid in Tecmin (2011). After a period of intership in the Acubens company, in April 2015, he joined the Acubens team as a naval engineer where he continues to work at present.





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